Elegant in Design

Detailed in Soundstage

Lo-Q™ double-layer cabinet

All m-series models are framed by a doublelayer side panel. Each of the two layers is 10 mm thick, and sandwiched between them is the Boston acoustics specially-developed SDG damping elastomer. This absorbs the internally generated vibration and ensures that the speaker cones remain autonomous. So absolutely nothing is added to the music, and absolutely nothing is taken away.

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Balanced weighting

The floor-standing M 340 and M 350 speakers use mass-loading technology and incorporate a specially designed chassis for the mid-range drivers. This takes the form of four “wings”, which reduce resonance peaks at higher frequencies and ensure a clearer, more transparent transition from mid- to high-frequency sounds.

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Unique EWB soft dome tweeter for Extended Wide Bandwidth

All floorstanding and bookshelf speakers incorporate the highly-acclaimed EWB soft dome dome tweeter. This completely opens up the mid-high to high frequency ranges to create an almost infinitely wide, sky-high sound stage. It’s an Extended Wide Bandwidth effect that is totally unique to Boston Acoustics.

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Standing wave prevention

A common problem with conventional floor-standing speakers is the build-up of standing waves and their consequent interference. No such risk with the M-Series. By using four smaller bass drivers in the M 350 and M 340 (rather than two larger ones) dual oscillation and standing wave creation is simply not possible.

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Laser-based vibration management

Laser-based vibration measuring has helped define the exact, optimised position for each cabinet’s internal bracing and mounting locks. This ensures that negative resonances are not just shifted to other frequencies but are totally minimised.

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Exclusive materials

Throughout the M-Series, only the best materials are used. Best in terms of acoustic performance and luxurious-feel. For example, their slim elegant design is finished with a choice of either high-gloss black piano lacquer or rich walnut veneer, each with a luxurious leather-feel trim. The result is a sense of exclusivity and style that seduces not only the ears, but also the eyes.

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The Boston M-Series

Elegant Dynamics

When you first encounter the M-Series, you’ll feel a sense of style. An attitude of elegance. It’s a design presence not usually associated with audiophile-grade loudspeakers.

That’s because the M-Series loudspeakers have been purposely designed with one mission in mind – to make them look as good as they sound.

M-Series Family

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