Superiority creates excitement

The M-Series 2-channel Experience

Boston Acoustics looks back on a long heritage in producing legendary 2-channel speakers. For that exact reason, we never stopped pushing boundaries on our "classic" claim.

Quite a challenge, that is. After all, in many ways loudspeakers are the most challenging audio products to design as they have the extremely difficult task of converting electricity into the room-filling sound we actually hear. They must be able to reproduce the entire audio spectrum from the lowest bass notes to the highest treble notes. Then they must be able to convey the softest notes as well as the loudest crescendos. On top of that they must be capable of creating an accurate sound image by recreating all sonic elements at the correct size and in the correct position within the listening room. And finally, they must deliver all of this without adding or removing anything to or from the original sound they are reproducing. In a nutshell: all of these traits aim to allow the sonic performance to come through in a compelling way that allows you to forget that you are listening to a loudspeaker system. Thus letting you experience the sheer emotion of the sound you hear. Phew. And that’s easier said than done.

Mind you, we did it. With the M-Series, we once again created speakers of exceptional quality and astounding performance. Rich in detail, powerful in performance – producing a sound stage that exceeds expectations within this category.

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