You Can't Hide


News of the M-series’ superior elegance has spread rapidly, and several highly regarded magazines and special interest publications have put the M-Series under their microscopes –

and proofed the speakers’ excellence, honouring them with high prestige awards. Here are some examples.

M 25 | Audio 10/2012 (Germany)

„Precision and transparency are remarkable. Connoisseurs of the genres will love the Boston.“

M 25 | HiFi Choice 10/2012 (UK)

„Exceptional coherence and natural tonal quality from this compact, affordable new loudspeaker.“

M 350 | Stereo 12/2012 (Germany)

„Without a doubt, it's an excellent, very universal speaker in this price range.“

M 350 | HiFiNews 11/2012 (UK)

„The clean, tidy, tonally neutral M 350 […] surely will delight many listeners who prefer understatement to hyperbole and refinement to brashness. […] It is also about as solidly built, and as good looking as floorstanding speakers at this pricelevel get.“

M 350 | Music Emotion 01/2013 (Netherlands)

„The Boston M 350 is a very balanced loudspeaker with, within its price range, honest and pleasant properties. The M 350 has a naturally 'peaceful' nature and a talent for civilized and balanced reproduction. That is quite different from 'withdrawn' or boring. On the contrary, if you must, this reproducer mercilessly tricks and certainly also plays upfront.“

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