Elegance in Detail

Designed for your
Ears and Eyes


We also chose two classic cabinet finishes: black piano lacquer and deep, rich walnut. Both with luxurious leather-feel trimming. On closer inspection you’ll see details such as the bevelled sides and rounded corners, creating an organic, cultured feel. You’ll also notice the slightly raised pedestal that makes the speaker seem to float effortlessly, just above the floor.

Today’s music connoisseurs have specific needs. Their understanding for design and craftsmanship is no longer confined to mere technical performance . Today, everything in their living space must have form, as well as function.

That’s why we developed the M-Series – to answer the needs of today’s music connoisseurs . It optimizes form and function in so many ways, in so many details. For example, we used four small woofers rather than two large ones – to minimise cabinet width and emphasise slim grace.

You’ll see all of this with your eyes. But then, the moment the M-Series speakers play, you’ll experience a dramatic uplifting and totally sensational event. And you’ll experience this sensation not just with your ears, but with your whole body and soul.

Welcome to the world of elegant dynamics.

Watch the M-Series speaker demo by Ken Ishiwata on Youtube: Play

Please download the M-Series brochure here:
M-Series Brochure

Components of Excellence

Perfection in Performance

The M-Series loudspeakers

create such an astonishing sound experience because so much thought, so much attention-to-detail, and so much acoustic know-how has been built-in and solidly incorporated. They don’t just create sound waves, they flood your space with audio sensation. Take a look at how we’ve done it:

Unique EWB soft dome tweeter

for Extended Wide Bandwidth. All floorstanding and bookshelf speakers incorporate the highly-acclaimed EWB soft dome dome tweeter. This completely opens up the mid-high to high frequency ranges to create an almost infinitely wide, sky-high sound stage. It’s an Extended Wide Bandwidth effect that is totally unique to Boston Acoustics.

Lo-Q™ double-layer cabinet

All M-Series models are framed by a double-layer side panel. Each of the two layers is 10 mm thick, and sandwiched between them is the Boston Acoustics specially-developed SDG damping elastomer. This absorbs the internally generated vibration and ensures that the speaker cones remain autonomous. So absolutely nothing is added to the music, and absolutely nothing is taken away.

Balanced weighting

The floor-standing M 340 and M 350 speakers use mass-loading technology and incorporate a specially designed chassis for the mid-range drivers. This takes the form of four “wings”, which reduce resonance peaks at higher frequencies and ensure a clearer, more transparent transition from mid- to high-frequency sounds.

Exclusive materials

Throughout the M-Series, only the best materials are used. Best in terms of acoustic performance and luxurious-feel. For example, their slim elegant design is finished with a choice of either high-gloss black piano lacquer or rich walnut veneer, each with a luxurious leather-feel trim. The result is a sense of exclusivity and style that seduces not only the ears, but also the eyes.

Standing wave prevention

A common problem with conventional floor-standing speakers is the build-up of standing waves and their consequent interference. No such risk with the M-Series. By using four smaller bass drivers in the M 350 and M 340 (rather than two larger ones) dual oscillation and standing wave creation is simply not possible.

Laser-based vibration management

Laser-based vibration measuring has helped define the exact, optimised position for each cabinet’s internal bracing and mounting locks. This ensures that negative resonances are not just shifted to other frequencies but are totally minimised.

Separate Midrange Chamber

In addition to utilizing Lo-Q construction the M 350 and M 340 also utilize a separate internal chamber for the Mass-Loaded midrange. This acoustically isolates the midrange from the woofers inside the cabinet so they do not interfere with each other. Another benefit of the separate midrange chamber is that it doubles as a reinforcing brace near the top of the cabinet to add rigidity and reduce cabinet vibrations even further.


If the drivers are the heart, and the cabinet the body, the crossover is the soul of the speaker. The crossover is an electronic circuit that directs the appropriate sound range to each transducer and maintains the phase/timing accuracy between all of the transducers. All the parts in the crossover - resistors, capacitors, inductors – have an effect on the sound, and choosing the right parts will deliver the sound that the system is truly capable of. Special elements such as low loss film capacitors and low distortion laminated silicon steel core inductors have been used at all critical areas. On the M-Series location of the components relative to each other is optimize, to minimize electromagnetic interaction that could degrade the sound. On the M 350 and M 340 the entire woofer crossover network is located on a separate board to eliminate the potential of stray fields from the large inductors on the woofer network from cross-talking with components in mid/high frequency crossover network.

BMRs – Balance Mode Radiators (MCenter, MSurround)

Balanced Mode Radiators combine the latest flat panel loudspeaker technology with traditional pistonic-action techniques. The result is 180-degree sound dispersion and a soundstage that places each and every instrument and vocalist in their own fixed position. Typical high frequency drivers tend to have significantly reduced output level at the top of their range as your ears move off axis from the driver. In other words, if the center of the driver is pointed directly at your ear, it will sound correct but as you move to the side so that your ear is at an increasing angle to the driver, the high frequencies will diminish more quickly compared to the lower frequencies. The wide high-frequency dispersion characteristic of the BMR provides a more consistent sound experience for all of the listeners in the room.

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