M 340

Floorstanding Speaker

M 340 – true audiophile heaven

Next in the M-Series is the M340, with four 41/2-inch (11.4 cm) woofers and a 41/2-inch mid-range driver. As with all the M-Series models, the M 340 incorporates a 1-inch EWB soft dome tweeter for Extended Wide Bandwidth performance. This sublime combination of four powerful bass drivers, one specialist midrange driver, and a uniquely ‘open’ tweeter is quite simply an audiophile’s heaven.

Main Features:


Frequency Range (±3dB):

45Hz – 30kHz

High-Frequency Driver:

2,5 cm EWB Dome

Mid-Frequency Driver:

11,4 cm
mass loaded
polypropylene cone

Low-Frequency Driver(s):

4 x 11,4 cm
polypropylene cones

Crossover Frequency:


Nominal (Min) Impedance:

4 (3,2) ohms



Recommended Amplifier Power:

50-350 watts

Dimensions (H x W x D):

102,6 x 22,4 x 29cm


21,0 kg

Available Colors:

High Gloss Black


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