Lo-Q™ double-layer cabinet

All m-series models are framed by a doublelayer side panel. Each of the two layers is 10 mm thick, and sandwiched between them is the Boston acoustics specially-developed SDG damping elastomer. This absorbs the internally generated vibration and ensures that the speaker cones remain autonomous. So absolutely nothing is added to the music, and absolutely nothing is taken away.

BMRs – Balance Mode Radiators

Balanced Mode Radiators combine the latest flat panel loudspeaker technology with traditional pistonic-action techniques. The result is 180-degree sound dispersion and a soundstage that places each and every instrument and vocalist in their own fixed position. Typical high frequency drivers tend to have significantly reduced output level at the top of their range as your ears move off axis from the driver.

Laser-based vibration management

Laser-based vibration measuring has helped define the exact, optimised position for each cabinet’s internal bracing and mounting locks. This ensures that negative resonances are not just shifted to other frequencies but are totally minimised.


If the drivers are the heart, and the cabinet the body, the crossover is the soul of the speaker. The crossover is an electronic circuit that directs the appropriate sound range to each transducer and maintains the phase/timing accuracy between all of the transducers. All the parts in the crossover - resistors, capacitors, inductors – have an effect on the sound, and choosing the right parts will deliver the sound that the system is truly capable of.

Exclusive materials

Throughout the M-Series, only the best materials are used. Best in terms of acoustic performance and luxurious-feel. For example, their slim elegant design is finished with a choice of either high-gloss black piano lacquer or rich walnut veneer, each with a luxurious leather-feel trim. The result is a sense of exclusivity and style that seduces not only the ears, but also the eyes.

M Center

Center Speaker

M Center

This two-way centre channel speaker is equipped with a 21/2-inch Balance Mode Radiator (BMR) driver and two 41/2-inch bass drivers. This combination creates a heightened, 3D-audio cinematic experience because the BMR radiates not just in a narrow cone-shaped format, but across the full 180 degrees. This creates a very open sound stage where each sound effect is perceived to have its own position – wherever you sit. In addition, because the BMR tweeter responds to frequencies as low as 300 Hz (rather than 3,000 Hz for traditional tweeters) movie dialogue is delivered from a single source, so there is no single sweet spot for the audience. Conventional high-end centre speakers usually deliver dialogue from two midrange speakers either side of a tweeter, but as the listener moves either left or right, one speaker will consequently be closer to him and the other will be further away. This differential causes interference. With the single source BMR you are always ensured of crystal-clear dialogues wherever you sit, with intimate, delicate details placed exactly where they were intended: just in front of you, far away, or right beside you… whispering into your ear.

Main Features:


Frequency Range (±3dB):

68Hz – 22kHz

Mid-High-Frequency Driver:

6,4 cm
BMR flat panel

Low-Frequency Driver(s):

2 x 11,4 cm
polypropylene cones

Crossover Frequency:


Nominal (Min) Impedance:

6 (5,9) ohms



Recommended Amplifier Power:

50-200 watts

Dimensions (H x W x D):

15,5 x 55 x 18cm


7,2 kg

Available Colors:

High Gloss Black


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