Exclusive materials

Throughout the M-Series, only the best materials are used. Best in terms of acoustic performance and luxurious-feel. For example, their slim elegant design is finished with a choice of either high-gloss black piano lacquer or rich walnut veneer, each with a luxurious leather-feel trim. The result is a sense of exclusivity and style that seduces not only the ears, but also the eyes.


On both sides of the cabinet, two passive 8“ membranes deliver their share to create the most astounding soundstage. They allow the subwoofer to play the lowest notes and to reproduce the loudest peaks with very low distortion in a relatively small enclosure. This configuration puts the passive radiators mechanically out of phase, to cancel out vibrations that otherwise could make the cabinet walk across the floor.


To solidly handle the massive power of the integral amplifier, we specially designed a 10“ woofer with high excursion capabilities, a heavy duty surround and a large voice coil.

Laser-based vibration management

Laser-based vibration measuring has helped define the exact, optimised position for each cabinet’s internal bracing and mounting locks. This ensures that negative resonances are not just shifted to other frequencies but are totally minimised.


To reproduce low frequency sound with accuracy and authority, the MSub comes with an internal power amplifier. It is rated at 500 watts and provides up to 1000 watts of peak output when needed.

M Sub


M Sub

The 10-inch high excursion subwoofer recreates low bass audio at high levels, while the dual 8-inch passive radiators ensure deep, clear and rich bass response. The effect is ultra-dramatic, thanks to the high power output of 500 watts rms, running up to an incredible ‘room-shaking’ 1,000 watts in peak performance. Importantly, the cabinet is fully closed, so there is no irritating bass reflex port noise. While the ultra-solid cabinet construction helps eliminate cabinet resonance so that you hear bass sound and no additional resonance. It’s awesome.

Main Features:


Frequency Range (±3dB):

23Hz – 150Hz

Low-Frequency Driver(s):

25,4 cm polypropylene cone
2 x 20,3 cm polypropylene cone
passive radiators

Crossover Frequency:

40Hz - 180Hz (variable)

Amplifier Power:

500 watts RMS (1000 watts Peak)

Dimensions (H x W x D):

33,1 x 42,5 x 39,2cm


23,5 kg

Available Colors:

High Gloss Black


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